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Staff App - Ew_Its_Panda


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1. IGN - Ew_Its_Panda

2. Timezone - NAW

3. Age (13+ only) - 14

4. Discord Name & ID (ex. Sh0ot#3984) - PANDA#5416

5. What experience do you have as a staff member? - I have no staff experience on any other servers but my own

6. Why would you like to be staff on LavaS - I Spend all my time on the server so might as well put a good use to it. And it would seem pretty funny with the look on wishcash's face

7. Why should we hire you over other people? - I mean I do find a lot of bugs ( you know me ) and if I'm staff it would give me a better reason to report them because I've abused many bugs and avoided the "Rewards" because didn't seem as powerful as the bug itself ( hope admitting to bug abuse doesn't affect app results lmao )

8. Have you ever hacked before (this will not affect your chances) - Yes on 1.12 but never after that ( besides X-ray texture packs if that's a hack )

9. Have you ever been banned on any servers? If so, for what reason? - Yes LavaS for spawn killing, X-ray Texture packs, Ddos jokes, and sum other stuff idk. 

10. Anything else we should know? (hobbies, personality, etc) - I am very hated on lavas and its kind of funny

Situational Questions

1. What would you do if you thought someone might be using criticals or nofall? - I would go out and pvp him most likely on an alt to see if he jumps to get a crit ( not spectator unless there is a vanish that avoids tracers ) and for nofall i would just watch until he jumps off more than 3 blocks

2. What would you do if you saw somebody flying or using speed hacks? - clip it to make sure its hacks or ban if its blatant

3. What would you do if someone was botting the server? - mute chat until it resolved or kick/ban the bots if its easy to tell what are bots and not

4. What would you do if someone starts spamming personal information in chat? -  mute the player for the right amount of time they deserved and clear chat

5. What would you do if someone says something racist or homophobic in chat? - again i would mute the player for the right amount of time they deserved and clear chat

6. What would you do if somebody was threatening to hack the server? i would say who... cares jk jk I wouldn't really care unless the server starts going crazy

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