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Looking for a gen skript


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Hi, currently looking for a gen skript where you can shift rightclick a gen and It'll upgrade if you the player's balance is above the required amount. The gens I want are

Coal Block | produces coal 

Iron Block | produces iron 

Gold Block | produces gold

Lapis Block | produces lapis

Redstone Block | produces redstone 

Diamond Block | produces diamond 

Emerald Block | produces emerald

Quartz Block | produces quartz 

Obsidian | produces obsidian 

Netherite | produces netherite.

I want them to be named

Coal Block = &8&lCoal Gen

Iron Block = &7&lIron Gen

Gold Block = &6&lGold Gen

Lapis Block = &9&lLapis Gen

Redstone Block = &c&lRedstone Gen

Diamond Block = &b&lDiamond Gen

Emerald Block = &a&lEmerald Gen

Quartz Block = &f&lQuartz Gen

Obsidian = &1&lObsidian Gen

Netherite Block = &0&lNetherite Gen


I want the upgrade price to be

Coal to Iron = $5,000

Iron to Gold = $35,000

Gold to Lapis = $150,000

Lapis to Redstone = $500,000

Redstone to Diamond = $1,500,000

Diamond to Emerald = $10,000,000

Emerald to Quartz = $20,000,000

Quartz to Obsidian = $30,000,000

Obsidian to Netherite = $45,000,000



Joined Minecraft in 2010 on PC

Joined Minehut in August 2016

1 year Skript experience

2 months Java experience

5 months Javascript experience


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i am not making all those gens, here is the core.

every 5 seconds:
	loop all players:
		loop blocks in radius 5 around loop-player:
			if loop-block is coal block:
				drop 1 coal named "coal" at loop-block

on left click:
	if target block of player is a coal block:
		set target block of player to air
		give player coal block named "itemname"

on right click:
	if player is sneaking:
		if target block of player is coal block:
			if {balance::%player's uuid%} > 5000:
				set target block of player to iron block
				remove 5000 from {balance::%player's uuid%}


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