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[GUIDE] How to prevent and fix griefs!


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Griefing, it is bound to happen, but how can you notice, prevent and fix griefs? Follow our guide to find out:


How can we prevent griefs?


  1. WorldGuard. Worldguard is a really powerful plugin that can deny players access to certain actions in specific regions. This can be used to stop people from mining blocks, killing players and animals. You can find a tutorial on how to use Worldguard here

  2. GriefPrevention. If you own an SMP server, GriefPrevention is the “Golden Claim Shovel” plugin. This plugin allows players to make their own regions to protect what they build. You can find a video tutorial on GriefPrevention here.


So how do we fix a grief?


  1. CoreProtect. Coreprotect is one of, if not the best plugin available on minehut, this plugin logs ALL player actions, from editing items in a chest to breaking and placing blocks, and you can revert damage with 1 command. It’s a really easy plugin to learn and it’s really powerful. You can find a guide to CoreProtect here

  2. Take active backups. Minehut has a new backup system where you can take a backup of the world, then restore it if something goes wrong. You can also download the world to your computer. Then upload it to restore it!


Really, preventing griefing is stupidly easy! If you have any more questions, then feel free to reply to this thread or DM me on discord @ Reassembly#1201!

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