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Unlimited Enchantments.


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Hello Minehut,

I was planning on downloading a highly  used plugin on my Minehut server when I realized that Minehut didn't have it. Pretty much, it gives you the ability to enchant an item as high as you want.  Or does this already exist, because I searched from A-Z but didn't find anything. Servers like Spigot and Bukkit have this plugin and I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me, maybe refer to an existing plugin or create one. Most used names: Unlimited Enchant/Endless Enchant

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When ever suggesting plugins to be added or updated, leave a link to it. - https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/unlimited-enchants

Also EssentialsX already has this feature. In essentials config.yml, enable the option unsafe-enchantments. Then press save and in game do /ess reload. You should then be able to do /enchant <enchantment> <level> like the plugin you suggested. 

But this plugin does have some features for enchantments EssentialsX doesn't like clearing certain enchantments or viewing an enchantment list. 

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