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How to create kits with EssentialsX


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M I N E H U T  C O M M U N I T Y  F A Q




With EssentialsX, you can create kits that provide supplies to a player. These can be used in mostly any type of server to make day-to-day life easier and more convenient.

Managing kits:

Creating kits:

You can create kits with “/createkit <kit name> [cooldown in seconds: optional]”, note that you must be opped or have been given permission via a permission plugin to run this command. Kit name is the name of the kit you want to create, and cooldown is the cooldown between uses of a kit. Note that there must not already be a kit with the chosen name.

Note that if you set the cooldown to -1, the kit will be one time use.


For example, “/createkit hourly 3600” would create a kit named ‘hourly’, that I can only use once every day.


Deleting kits:

You can delete kits with “/delkit <kit name>”. This will delete the specified kit. You need to be opped or have permission to run this command.

Viewing kits:

You can view kits with “/showkit <kit name>”. This will bring up a menu showing you the contents of the kit specified.

Using kits:

Kits can be used with “/kit <kit name>”. Note that you will need a special permission to use kits.


Newbie Kits:

The newbie kits option allows you to give new players a kit when they join for the first time. This can be used from giving new players starter tools, or a booklet containing the server rules.

You can enable newbie kits by putting this in config.yml:

	kit: tools

This will give new players the kit tools when they join. Note that EssentialsSpawn is required for newbie kits to work.

Kit Costs:

The kit costs option allows you to charge a player in-game currency when they use a kit.

In the Command costs section of config.yml, you can add this:

kit-tools: 100

This will make the kit tools charge the player $100 every time they run /kit tools.


Permission nodes:

essentials.createkit Allows you to use /createkit.

essentials.delkit Allows you to use /delkit.

essentials.showkit Allows you to use /showkit.

essentials.kit Allows you to use /kit

essentials.kit.others Allows you to use /kit on other people.

essentials.kit.exemptdelay Allows you to use kits without having to wait for the cooldown to end

essentials.kits.* Allows you to use all kits.

essentials.kits.[kit name] Allows you to use a specific kit.

Note that ‘essentials.kit’ is required in order to use ‘essentials.kits’.



‘/createkit hourly 3600’ - Creates a kit named ‘hourly’ with a cooldown of 1 hour.

‘/delkit daily’ - Deletes a kit named ‘daily’.

‘/showkit daily’ - Brings up a menu showing the contents of the kit named ‘daily’

‘/createkit starter’ - Creates a kit named ‘starter’.


Require further assistance?:

If you need more help on this topic, head over to this section of forums, or join our Discord!

📎  https://youtu.be/HUxXi5iSi7g

Compiled by the Minehut Support Team

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Nice informative tutorial! 

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