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Go to the console and give us the output of latest.log

Make sure you are on 1.16.4 the latest version

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If your seeing this I am currently banned from Posting, the Discord and GitHub

I have helped out countless player's and been re-payed with multiple bans.

staff are attention seeking and biased, i'd just leave for your sake.

your just wasting your time.


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Some situations where this can happen:

• You started your server, and re-executed /join <name>. The server was still starting, and it timed you out. - (Keep trying to join, as well as keep an eye over server status)

• You performed a heavy action (e.g. Worldedit), and it times you out from the server. In this case, you keep trying to join the server, but it doesn't let you in. Server is then stuck on Stopping... and crashes.

• Something else....

Navigate to File Manager tab, and then open this file: /logs/latest.log

Use https://pastebin.com/ to paste the entire latest.log file contents.

Then send the link here.

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You can also message via. forum messages for help.


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