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Won't let me in.



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Servers are currently down due to some problems

so what happened this morning has affected us in a fair amount with cascading failures. we have tried to reboot things a bit a time as things were going up but it seems a full network reboot is in order.. hopefully we should be back up fairly soon

Indie Game Developer

C# Programmer & Skripter


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@Zenith11410111 Minehut is currently down as I post this, be patient and wait and the servers should be back up soon.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/83y123

Discord: 83y#2552

IGN: 83y


If your seeing this I am currently banned from Posting, the Discord and GitHub

I have helped out countless player's and been re-payed with multiple bans.

staff are attention seeking and biased, i'd just leave for your sake.

your just wasting your time.


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