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Minehut Needs a Queue System


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4 hours ago, TheGoose said:

pardon me if i've read this wrong but I don't think a gen server crashing would kick people from the network entirely?

I’ve had it happen once but it normally kicks to the hub which isn’t a problem. 


51 minutes ago, WickedJordan said:

Goose is right, if a player'(s) server crashes not everyone network side gets kicked.

Refer to above but yes

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6 hours ago, QueasyCarBoy9 said:

i hate queues. no queues is the reason why i choose minehut. would you join your server in like 50 MINUTES?!?

I dont really think that would be as big of an issue as minehut allocates more resources over time as the servers popularity grows. It would only be a thing on peak days when minehut is unable to create space for more servers which could affect the performance of other servers potentially.

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