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Is this a good way to make a shop skript?


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Hello, I recently started making a shop skript, and I wanted to ask if this is a good way creating the shop skript? Can I make it more compact or something? (Its fully working, but its kinda long.."

	wait 1 tick
	open virtual chest inventory with size 6 named "&3Slabs &7& &3Stairs" to player
	wait 1 tick
	format gui slot 0 of player with 16 oak slabs named "&c16 Oak slabs" with lore " " and "&a25$" and " " to run:
		if {bal::%player's uuid%} < 25:
			send "{@prefix} &cNot enough &a$$$&c!"
		else if {bal::%player's uuid%} >= 25:
			remove 25 from {bal::%player's uuid%}
			give player 16 oak slabs
			send "{@prefix} &bBought &c16 oak slabs&b. Current balance: &c%{bal::%player's uuid%}%&b$"


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You can use functions to make it more compact. Here is a tutorial that you can look at to see how functions work.


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