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Would it be possible to get the ObbyDestructor plugin added?


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I am running a small factions server with some friends of mine and I would like to get the ObbyDestructor plugin added so that we can emulate a large faction server well. Several factions have already built obsidian bases and I would hate for all that work to go to waste if we have to end up making new bases without obsidian. The link I found is here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/bukkit-plugins/obbydestructor. Since it is a bukkit plugin I think it should be easy to add.

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The last time that plugin was updated was November of 2014 so it may or may not work on Minehut. 

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Yes if you would like to have a plugin added please ensure it works on Minecraft 1.16.


Also what is your problem? It sounds like you could probably get away with remove existing obsidian with WorldEdit or something, and then use Essentials Anti Build, Skript, or some other plugin to prevent players from placing new obsidian.

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