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To note, this fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with substring expression throwing errors (closes #3585)
  • Fixed an issue with the offhand tool in the bucket event returning the main hand (closes #3584)
  • Fixed an issue with getting the event-location in some events (closes #3622)
  • Fixed an issue with local variables being reset after using the teleport effect (closes #3605)
  • Fixed an issue with debug mode not being disabled after changing and reloading config (thanks @TPGamesNL)
  • Fixed an issue with a change in an internal class which caused an addon or two to not load (closes #3624)
  • Fixed an issue with the blocks within expression returning a smaller cuboid than expected (closes #3615)
  • Fixed an issue with the location function throwing an error when the world is missing, it'll now fall back to default main world of the server (closes #3597, #3455, #1465)

And added:

  • Added support for XP drops in the block break event.
  • Added entity portal event which is called when an entity uses a portal.

Damn, the Skript team be do vibing with updates.

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I'm just a known player who been playing since the 24 July 2019.

Please don't DM me for support, go here (if you don't mind waiting) or join Minehut's Discord (which is more active) if you need assistance.


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The bug with substring expressions was already fixed in Minehut's version of 2.5.2. I plan on updating to 2.5.3 on Monday assuming I don't see any issues about it. That way if there are any new bugs introduced (as has happened in the past) we might be able to know about it ahead of time and avoid them. I'd like to keep a good balance between updating Skript quickly, but also making sure that it's stable since so many servers on Minehut heavily rely on it.

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