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Staff Application _MTRK


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Please follow this format to the T. Do not branch out from the format. Use proper grammar and put as much detail as you can into your application. Make us want to read it. If we see that you are answering questions in one sentence or short phrases, you will be instantly denied, so don't waste your time. Average wait time for application responses is two days.

General Questions
1. IGN

2. Timezone

3. Age (13+ only)

4. Discord Name & ID (ex. Sh0ot#3984)

5. What experience do you have as a staff member?
I owned a Minecraft SMP server and a 
staff member/developer of a FiveM server.

6. Why would you like to be staff on LavaS
I would like to be staff because I know how to manage situations and I can find bugs and issues that I can report. I have also come across a hacker on the server before and I contacted a staff member who was able to sort it.

7. Why should we hire you over other people?
I have had experience of owning and staffing servers before. I have also been playing the server for 9hours as of writing this. I can also be active for about 2 hours.

8. Have you ever hacked before (this will not affect your chances)
I have not hacked before.

9. Have you ever been banned on any servers? If so, for what reason?
I have been banned for finding exploits on FiveM, which I reported however they still wanted to ban me for this.

10. Anything else we should know? (hobbies, personality, etc)
I am currently in collage so some time will be taken up by this.

Situational Questions

1. What would you do if you thought someone might be using criticals or nofall?
For criticals I would spectate the person and go into their view, I would watch for their movement, seeing if they get extra height or if they seem to be getting many critical hits, if I see enough evidence I would issue a ban.
For NoFall I would spectate them and see if they fly for a second or they take no fall damage. if I think there is enough for me to go and test this I would combat them to see if they are taking fall damage, if I believe that the person is using No Fall I would issue a ban

2. What would you do if you saw somebody flying or using speed hacks?
I would spectate them to see what they are doing, if they have speed hacks and they don't have a potion effect and they are seen like this for 5 minutes I can then issue a ban. If someone if flying I can also spectate them and make sure it is not lag that is making them float, if their is enough to prove that the person is flying they will get banned.

3. What would you do if someone was botting the server?
I would mute the channel and check for web hocks and extra bots, after 30 minutes I would then open up the channel to see if this is continuing , if this is I would look into further depth, if I could not find the source of what is happening I would contact another staff to see if they could resolve this.

4. What would you do if someone starts spamming personal information in chat?
I would mute the person that is posting the information so that they can no longer type in the channel, I would then remove the messages. I would then message the person that has had the information leaked to verify if the information is true and if this has happened before by this user. I would then message the person that leaked this information to see if they understand why this is not allowed and if they will processed sensible. If the information is true or they are not cooperating, I would ban them for leaking private information. If they are understanding and cooperating I would warn them and let the rest of the staff know to be alert of this user.

5. What would you do if someone says something racist or homophobic in chat?
I would do similar to above.

6. What would you do if somebody was threatening to hack the server?
Without significate proof of them going to hack you can not ban, but if they seem to be adamant on hacking after you warned them about what they are doing will get them banned, I would then ban for the safety of the server.

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