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looking for staff


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So basically i have an smp server, it always has 7+ players online, and many more who play and stuff. however, being the only "staff" is tough. I have op, but i dont use it only to examine and ban and kick and stuff. However,  i want to play on my smp as well, but it's hard when everyone is complaining about griefers and people who are stealing and most annoying of all x rayers. I don't have time to actually just mine and chill, but i spend most of my time banning people and warning them. It's started to get on my nerves, so i decided to look for staff. However, i don't know how i should do this. I don't wanna op the wrong players who will grief and destroy and slack off, how can i pick staff well? Thanks, i'd really appreciate if other owners told me how they picked their staff. 

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You should ask in the Marketplace category on the forums. - https://forums.minehut.com/forum/12-marketplace/

Or you could also make your own Club, which is like a miniforums for yourself, and you can ask there. 
Here is a tutorial on how to make a forums club if you do not know how 


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