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Jamethyghee Staff Application

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Personal Details:

Minecraft In-Game Name:  JamethyGhee

Previous In-Game Names: non

Discord Name and Tag (Ex: Pndq#2240): Jamethyghee #4092

How old are you? 13 (turning 14 July next year)

What is your time zone?  East Queensland Australia

Do you have access to a working microphone? (yes/no): yes

Do you have the ability to record hackers?: I haven't recorded hackers before but I can learn to screen record

What languages do you speak (fluently)?: English

General Details:

Why did you decide to apply for staff on PlexPvP?  I love the server, its really fun to play on, and it would be nice to be apart of the staff community.

 Why should we accept you over other applicants?  I'm good at building and I have a lot of ideas to improve the server, such as building a parkour, and general decoration like houses. 

What are your strengths and weaknesses? I'm good at dealing with fight situations but if people are hacking and I have no power over that, then I can't do anything but notify other staff.

What moderation experience do you have? Explain what you learned from these experiences: I became a good friend with the owner of a server called Void Life and I almost became an admin (the server got hacked and deleted). I learnt that some people hack but they usually never get away with it and people fight each other and I have to deal with people bringing politics into a game for kids.

Have you ever been punished on Plex or any other Minecraft servers? If so, why were you punished and how did you learn from it? no, I once afk mined, I didn't know that was against the rules but I haven't done that ever since I actually read the rules other than that, I haven't gotten close to being punished.

What are some hobbies, activities or achievements you have outside of Minecraft? I like to pull apart electronics (last week I salvaged the electronics of an oven) I like art and chatting to friends on discord.

Situational Questions:

If the server is being botted, what would you do? notify other staff so that the situation is dealt with more efficiently.

If you get into an argument with a player, how would you try to resolve the situation? Would you come to terms with their side of the argument or would you just stop arguing? I would try to calm down the other player and try to make an agreement with them so there would be nothing to argue about. If they do not stop, then I can mute them so there would be no more of a hassle

Tell us about a mistake you made in the past. What did you learn from this mistake and how did you deal with it? I afk mined when I didn't know it was against the rules, I could have gotten punished but I never did, I learnt that I should read the rules before I try anything.

If a staff member’s account was hacked, what would you do?  if I could, I would remove their op so that they can't do any damage to the server, and then I would notify staff  so that the situation is dealt with

You see a player claiming he was false banned on another server. He begins to talk about botting Plex. How do you react?  I would say that if he did he could get a ban and that saying your plotting an attack on the server is a type of threat and he would need to stop immediately or he would get a temp ban

There is a player constantly saying bad things about the staff team, but they aren't technically breaking any rules? What do you do? notify them that doing that is not nice and that being rude will result in them being targeted by other players that are not liking the possible bad language.

A player, who claims to be friends with staff, is messaging you saying he will tell his friends that you are abusing your permissions if you punish them. What do you do in this situation? I assure him that I am not abusing any permissions and saying that, can be considered a threat and he would be punished for that.

A player messages you with your personal information. He threatens to leak it if you don't un-punish them. How would you react in this situation? I would say to them that if he does that, then he could be thrown in jail because that is against the law. Other than that would get the advice from other staff so I can deal with it easier. 

I am currently 13 turning 14 July 2021 but I hope there can be an acceptation (removing some permissions) 

Thank you for applying. You will receive a response within 3 days. Please be patient.

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the advice I got from 5lou.
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Thank you for applying for staff on PlexPvP!

We have decided to deny your application. If you would like to know why please make a ticket in our Discord.

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Discord: Pndq#2240
In Game: Pndq

Joined Minehut - 9/25/16

Minehut Support Member - 10/6/19

Support Team Disbanded - 2/14/20


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