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FlamedBiscuit204 staff application

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Personal Details:

Minecraft In-Game Name: flamedbiscuit204

Previous In-Game Names:None

Discord Name and Tag (Ex: Pndq#2240):Flamedbiscuit204#0166

How old are you? I am 13, but I will be turning 14 in the coming year.

What is your time zone? I am in American, Central Standard Time

Do you have access to a working microphone? (yes/no):Yes

Do you have the ability to record hackers?: No, but I will in the coming future.

What languages do you speak (fluently)?: English

General Details:

Why did you decide to apply for staff on PlexPvP? I liked the community and I would like to be apart of the awesome staff. I think I could do a lot of good on PlexPvP and I want to make the server more enjoyable for people, so they don't have hackers ruining their game.

Why should we accept you over other applicants? I think you should accept me over other applicants, because I am dedicated to the server, and I think I can complete my job to its fullest capability. I can tell you that I will be very hardworking and I will try to make the server a better place.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? I think my biggest strength is that I think I am a good builder, and I think I will be fair to the other players. My biggest weakness is that I will possibly miss somebody doing something they should not, as I am not always gonna catch something. I need to work hard on making my weaknesses strengths so that I could be a better mod.

What moderation experience do you have? Explain what you learned from these experiences: I was at one time a mod of a discord server. I have learned that It is a difficult task to moderate a server and please everybody. I learned that there are a lot of things that can happen, and you always have to be prepared, and I know that a Discord server is a little different, but I hope my experience carries.

Have you ever been punished on Plex or any other Minecraft servers? If so, why were you punished and how did you learn from it? No, I have not been punished on Plex or on any Minecraft servers.

What are some hobbies, activities or achievements you have outside of Minecraft? I enjoy playing on other games, although I am not that good I am trying to learn guitar. 

Situational Questions:

If the server is being botted, what would you do? I would contact the owner of the server, or other mods to help me deal with being botted.

If you get into an argument with a player, how would you try to resolve the situation? Would you come to terms with their side of the argument or would you just stop arguing? If I was arguing with a player I would try to resolve the situation by either trying to find something that pleases both of us, or if the problem does not get resolved and they are in the wrong and they keep arguing I will use my abilities to resolve the problem that way.

Tell us about a mistake you made in the past. What did you learn from this mistake and how did you deal with it? I owned a small Minehut server with just my friend and I and I didn't understand how to use the server, and it got raided by a random person. I learned that I need to learn how to use my abilities to the best I can.  

If a staff member’s account was hacked, what would you do? I would try and have their power removed so they can't destroy the server.

You see a player claiming he was false banned on another server. He begins to talk about botting Plex. How do you react? I react by giving the player a threat that if they persist they will be banned, and if they do ban them.

There is a player constantly saying bad things about the staff team, but they aren't technically breaking any rules? What do you do? I would tell the player to stop, or I can get said mod and they con sort it out that way, If they persist I would see if I could have them muted, but not banned.

A player, who claims to be friends with staff, is messaging you saying he will tell his friends that you are abusing your permissions if you punish them. What do you do in this situation? I will make sure I am not abusing my power and then when I make sure I am not, I would punish them.

A player messages you with your personal information. He threatens to leak it if you don't un-punish them. How would you react in this situation? I would tell the police as that is illegal, and I would contact the other mods and tell them what is going on.

Anything else you would like to tell us? Thank you for considering my application and If I do not get the position, thank you for even looking at my application, and I will still be on the wonderful server.

Thank you for applying. You will receive a response within 3 days. Please be patient.

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Thank you for applying for staff on PlexPvP!

We have decided to deny your application. If you would like to know why please make a ticket in our Discord.

Discord: Pndq#2240
In Game: Pndq

Joined Minehut - 9/25/16

Minehut Support Member - 10/6/19

Support Team Disbanded - 2/14/20


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