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False Advertising


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Hello i dont know where i would report someone in the forums but I recently went to a server from an ad saying that they were giving away 100$ in PayPal to whoever would finish their maze. Out of curiosity, I went into the server and completed the maze. And after 2 mins they banned me with this message.

the name of the server is ultimatmin and the person's name is PinHyperion123. There was another person there too but i didnt catch their ign. if you could take down their server that would be great. Also, another reason why I think this server should go down is because they are also asking for PayPal emails. 1092360228_ScreenShot2020-12-07at5_17_09PM.thumb.png.5f21c6cc50794ac32111d2b87d1845c8.png

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