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1 GamersLegendYT


3 13

4 RevanTheReaper#4471

5 None this would be my first time

6 So I can help the server become a better place and Remove hackers and rules Violators

7 Because I am Dedicated to making this server a better place

8 No it says I have but it was just lag

9 No

10 I am upbeat Happy and Helpful and not afraid to talk to people

Situational Questions

1 I would spectate and observe them till I knew if they were using those hacks

2 I would Kick them and if they procced I would be forced to ban them

3 I would start banning the bots and try to remove them as fast as possible and would use ip bans so the same person cant send more

4 I would give them a 24 hour or Perm chat ban

5 I would ask the to please stop and if they continue I would Procced to 1 hour chat ban and keep making it longer if they Continue

6 I would tell them Sir or mam that is against the server rules please do not continue to makes Threats like that

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