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World Transfer



So I am having a problem. I used to host a server with aternos, but after figuring out that minehut had an extended afk kick, which would help me and my friends farms, made me want to switch to minehut. So I downloaded my world on aternos and uploaded it to minehut via in game command, I do /world (my world) and I don’t have any of my items. All my items were still in my chests, but not in my inventory. It wasn’t aternos’ problem since I tried loading it up as a single player world and I had all my items. I tried to do it via the website but to no avail, my world wasn’t even in /worlds I tried restarting the server, nothing. Still wasn’t in /worlds. Then I tried adding my world, nether, and end to the server files and it gave me a random world, wasn’t my world. Anyone have a fix?

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Hey there, you need to make the world your default world so it uses the playerdata from that world

Default world - To change your default world go into Settings. You will see "World Name" or something similar. Change it to the name of the world that you added (ul_name) and restart your server


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Also, no it didn't 🙂 It just created a new world and put you in it, it never deleted your old worlds. If you're opped, you can just do /worlds, and then click on the old world to teleport to it.

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