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What is the promo video link?


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Hi there, unfortunately the promo video link is different for each person, it's not a set link. You can only watch it once every 24 hours, so it may not appear if you have already watched it. Try disconnecting and reconnecting to the lobby, wait around 10 seconds and it should appear, as long as you haven't watched it within the past 24 hours. ๐Ÿ™‚


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2 hours ago, TheRealAstericc said:

Whatย Is Theย Promoย ย Videoย Link?

Like Untreated said, its different per person so there is no set link. You just have to join the lobby and wait a while and it should come up in chat.ย 

Also don't reply to posts that have been inactive for over a month. That is considered necroposting and is against the rules.

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