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PlexPvP Rules and Community Guidelines

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PlexPvP Community Guidelines and Rules

Listed below are rules for in-game and in our Discord. We have these rules listed in our Discord and in-game, but this gives a more detailed insight into them. Please be sure to contact an admin if you see any errors or if you believed something should be changed.


Section 1 (Discord Rules) -

Follow these rules while in our Discord at all times. If you do not, you will be punished accordingly. Please listen to our staff and don’t argue if you are punished.


1. No NSFW/Inappropriate Content

a. We do not allow any NSFW/Inappropriate messages, pictures, gifs, or videos anywhere in our discord. NSFW/Inappropriate refers to anything that would not be considered appropriate in a working environment. This includes anything from adult films to nudity.

b. We also do not allow any NSFW/Inappropriate profile pictures or nicknames. If your profile picture contains anything considered NSFW, you will be asked to change it. If your nickname in our discord is considered inappropriate, it will be changed by a staff member.


2. Don’t be disrespectful or toxic towards others

Please do not be disrespectful or toxic towards others in our Discord. This means you should not act towards others in an insulting way. To be toxic is to be constantly disrespectful, rude, and hateful towards others. This is not acceptable and you will be muted if you do so.


3. Don’t flood the Discord channels

 You shouldn’t be spamming, using excessive caps, or flooding channels in our Discord. Spamming is sending the same message over and over again consecutively. We don’t allow this because it floods our channels and just gets annoying. Caps is when you are using capitalization excessively to the point where it may start to flood the chat. Flooding is when you are spamming/using caps over and over again and it begins to wash out other messages. This can also be done by saying the same character(s) in the same message where it floods the channel. Breaking this rule will result in warnings and then eventually a mute.


4. Don’t misuse channels

Misusing channels is when you use a channel outside of its intended purpose. An example of this would be sending bot commands in #general, or talking about memes in #support. Most channels are self-explanatory or have a short description at the top of the channel, but if you need clarification on what the use of a channel is please feel free to ask a staff member. Breaking this rule will most likely get you a warning and if you continue you will get a mute.


5. No Advertising

You should not be advertising in any channel in our Discord. This means you shouldn’t be posting links to other Discords, other server ips, etc. Advertising refers to promoting Discord servers, Minecraft servers, or websites that are not related to PlexPvP. We don’t allow this because we don’t want our community members directed to other servers, and external websites may not be safe. Doing so will result in the message being deleted as well as a mute in the Discord. If it is severe enough, you may even be banned. We also do not allow advertising in nicknames or custom statuses. 


6. No Discrimination (Homophobia, Racism, etc.)

You should not be discriminatory towards people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, or people with disabilities. Doing so will result in a permanent mute from our Discord. We do this because you should not treat others differently/make fun of others because they are different. 


7. No Impersonation

You should not be pretending to be someone else in our Discord. This includes pretending to be staff, a famous YouTuber, donators, or anyone for that matter. Doing so will result in a forced nickname change, and if it continues to be a problem, you will be banned from the server. We don’t want people pretending to be someone they are not.


8. Misusing Voice Channels

You are not permitted to do the following in our voice channels, doing any of them will result in a voice mute:

  • Voice Changers - Voice changers are not permitted in our voice channels. The use of them will result in you being muted for the amount of time a mod deems necessary. 

  • Loud Sounds - Making loud sounds or playing them through our Discord bot is prohibited. These sounds can annoy others in voice channels. Doing so will result in you being voice muted.


9. Misusing Music Bot

In our Discord, we have a music bot where members can play music and listen to it through the music channel. This bot should not be used to play any songs that are inappropriate or discriminatory. Doing so will result in a chat mute in our discord. 


10. Arguing With Punishments

Arguing with our staff members about punishments is not allowed. The majority of the time, they were only following what they were told to by the Admins. The best thing to do if this punishment is unfair or wrong, create a ticket in #tickets. Once created please state the reason for the punishment and from then we will get the moderator/staff who gave the punishment to talk with you.


11. Follow Discord’s ToS

Please be sure to follow Discord’s Terms of Service (https://discord.com/terms). We do not support using discord if you are under the age of 13, or if you don’t follow other parts of the ToS. Whether you are joking or not, if we find out you are below the age of 13 you will be banned from the Discord.


Section 2 (Global Rules) -

The following rules apply to both in-game and in our Discord. 


1. Punishment Evasion

Evading punishments, in Discord or in-game will result in the punishments being extended. Evading punishments is when you get punished either on the discord or server and then do something (besides appealing and getting unpunished) to bypass the mute/ban. This is punishable because we gave you that punishment for a reason and bypassing it defeats the purpose of the punishment.  


2. Disrupting the Community

Community disruption is an extremely situational offense. This means that depending on the situation, your punishment may vary. 

a. If a player is consistently causing arguments, being toxic and rude in the Discord, they may get muted, or even banned. 

b. If a player is misusing the Jukebox to play loud obnoxious sounds that will bother the community, they may be banned for it.

c. If a player is constantly joining on alts, advertising competitors, and keeps returning, they may be blacklisted for it.

3. Botting

We do not allow botting on any of our platforms. Botting is when someone gets bot accounts, either on Discord or Minecraft, and they join our Discord/server and begin spamming, spam messaging players, etc. Another example of botting is if someone gets bot accounts to join Minehut and begin advertising in people's messages about joining our server and it gives us a bad look. This is not allowed and all bot accounts will be punished, along with whoever does it if we are able to find out. 


4. IRL Trading/Deals

Trades/Deals involving IRL money are not allowed. If you are caught doing this you will be punished. If you are scammed during an IRL deal you will be punished, regardless of being scammed. This includes gifting items from the buycraft for in-game items, giving IRL money for in-game items. 


5. Misuse of Reports

You should not misuse /report in-game, or misuse our tickets with joke reports. Misusing reports is when you report someone as a joke, or for an idiotic reason. This is not allowed because we keep track of players’ reports so this can add false reports to their histories and it doesn’t help our mods when people are false reporting.



6. English

We ask that when you are chatting in our Discord or in-game, you use English only (if possible). This is because the majority of our mods only speak English, and it is hard to moderate if they don’t understand what is being said. If you are going to speak another language with someone, please go to private messages. If you do not speak English, then it is understandable but if you are reading this then clearly you understand English.


Section 3 (Gameplay Rules) -

This section and the next apply in-game and should be followed while in-game.


1. Blacklisted Modifications

Blacklisted Modifications are modifications to the Minecraft client, or outside of the Minecraft client that can give you an unfair advantage. If you are showing signs that you are using a blacklisted modification, you may be punished for it. This means if you have fancy chat, a feature that is common among some hacked clients, you might be banned for it. Whether these blacklisted modifications are found in a screenshare, or they are just blatant, you will be banned for using them.


2. Bug Abuse

Bug Abuse is when a player finds a bug/glitch and uses it in a way that gives them an unfair advantage, affects the gameplay of the server, or if they are asked to stop doing it by staff and they continue.


3. Faking Blacklisted Mods

Faking Blacklisted Mods is when you pretend or purposefully try to look like you are using blacklisted modifications. The reason this is punishable is that it can waste our moderators’ time that they can spend helping players or spectating real cheaters. This also will most likely result in you appealing and wasting even more time just for a joke. This includes faking blacklisted modifications in-game or in our discord with pictures, videos, etc.

4. Camping

Camping can fall under 2 categories. 

  1. Spawn Camping - Spawn camping is when you are sitting just outside spawn and killing players as they leave spawn into the warzone. 

  2. Camping - We are more lenient with this form of camping but if done extremely excessively, you will be punished for it. We do not allow you to camp in one area of the map for an excessive amount of time knocking players off. 

Both forms of camping can be extremely annoying and unfair to players which is why it is not allowed.


5. Stat Boosting/Farming

We do not allow abusing alts/friends/other players to boost your stats. This means you can’t use other players or alts to feed you kills. We do not allow this because it is an unfair way to gain statistics and it is unfair to players that are playing the game normally. 


6. No AFK Mining 

We do not allow you to put something on your mouse to hold down your mouse button so you can mine while AFK. We also do not allow the use of macros or cheats to automatically mine for you, this falls under the Blacklisted Modifications category. 


Section 4 (Communication Rules) -


1. No Spam

We do not allow spamming, which is sending multiple messages consecutively in a short period of time and/or spamming random numbers, symbols, letters, etc. You will be warned for this and if you continue, muted.


2. No Excessive Capitalizations

We do not allow excessive capitalizations. Excessive caps is when you use a number of capital letters in your message that a mod deems as excessive. This is usually for whole messages with capitalizations or if a player is consistently only talking in capital letters. We do not allow this because if caps are used excessively, it can flood chat and can be annoying to other players in the chat.


3. No Disrespect

Disrespecting players, staff or even the server is not allowed. Although you might not like someone else on the server, it is unnecessary to disrespect them. Expressing your feelings of hatred or dislike towards another player or towards the server. It is uncalled for and can create unwanted drama in chat.

4. No Inappropriate Behavior

We do not allow speaking about anything NSFW, political etc. in the chat. A lot of our players are younger and we do not want to expose them to things like that. We also want to avoid drama as best as possible which is why we do not allow political talk. 


5. No Threats or Suicidal Encouragement

We do not allow encouraging others to commit suicide, or threatening that you will DDoS, Dox or kill others in real life. This is not allowed because it is a violation of people’s privacy, security and mental wellbeing. Doing so will get you a mute depending on the severity.


6. No Discrimination

We do not allow discriminating against other races, sexual preference, gender, religion or people with disabilities. This is a violation of an individual’s identity. Breaking this rule will get you a 7 day mute for your first offense.


7. No Advertising

We do not allow you to advertise other servers, websites, media profiles or Discords. The only exceptions are written permission from an admin and you are allowed to advertise media links if you have the Media rank. If you wish to get Media rank, dm Lotix#7239 on Discord. The punishment for advertising is dependent on the situation. Advertising Minehut servers will get you a permanent ban. Advertising servers outside of Minehut as well as websites, media profiles or Discord servers will get you a permanent mute. 


8. No Impersonation

We do not allow the impersonation of staff or other players. Pretending to be a staff member when you are not, or pretending to be other players will receive you a mute. We don’t allow you to impersonate staff because if someone believes you and needs help that you can’t give them, it may become an issue. Doing so will result in a 30 minute mute for your first offense.


This document was created by PlexPvP Management. If there are any issues with it please contact an Administrator

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