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Essentials plugin teleports me



So i created a new world on single player, uploaded it to my minehut server and used the /worlds and /setspawn command to set the world spawn there. However no matter where i am on the server, if i log out and log back in i get teleported back to spawn and it completely disregards my last location as well as wiping my inventory and giving  a set of stone tools?


how do i fix it so ..

1. i don't get starter tools every time i log in

2. my inventory doesn't clear

3. i log in where i last was and not at spawn


thanks in advance!

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Try setting your 'level world' to the name of the new world you uploaded. You can find it in the settings tab on your dashboard:


After pressing save, restart your server and this issue should be fixed. The level name is the world that you are teleported to every time you join your server, the issue is that you are probably being teleported to another world, which is why your inventory is different and you aren't being teleported to your world spawn.

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