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Hey y'all. I just learned that I was removed from the Minehut Staff Team, and I just wanted to say goodbye. I have enjoyed being on the staff team, I learned a lot of things. For the first 3-6 months of me being staff, I always thought to myself, "There is absolutely no way that I am joining/participating on the Events Team for Minehut." Well... look what happened. In April of this year, I began hosting some events, as I figured that I should at least try it. I learned that I loved creating events, as it was something I could do to pass time in quarantine. In August, I was promoted to the leader of the team and received Senior Moderator, which thrilled me. I want everyone to learn from me: Don't discount something when you haven't tried it. You always should try something new, even if you don't think you are going to enjoy/like it. If you don't, great, just move on to something else. If you do enjoy it, then you found yourself something new for you to do, and can expand upon it.


It has been fun working with everyone. I really appreciate all the love, support, and hate I got ❤️

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Never gonna forget you. Someone who was always wanted the best for Minehut, the commitment you've given over the last several months has been immense, you've been an inspiration for me & others and there's no easy way to say goodbye. I speak on behalf of Minehut when we wish you a big farewell & best of luck with later life. Thanks for everything you've done. Been an honor.

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Sad to see you leave. Didn't have too many memories of you but I was staff on some of your old servers on SkyNet, those were some good times. Hope everything in your future goes well.

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Sad to see you go. I am quite new to the staff team and unfortunately you had already left before we got chance to properly say hello. I had seen some of your hard work you had put into the Events team and I wish you the best of luck for the future

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Woah, sad to see you leave.

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I get I am a bit late, but it's really sad to see you go, you were such a supportive person for me, and I appreciate every second that you helped me, Good luck to the next life chapter ❤️

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