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Friend can't join my server?



Okay I made a server and I gave my friend the IP address and my server's name and every time he typed it in correctly and it joined but it would teleport him to the lobby. I raised this concern to another person in the Lobby and they tried helping, they did the same thing but this time for them they were able to join my server.

(every time he attempts to join he gets sent to the lobby, there was no error message or anything)

They asked me to do /whitelist off but I don't have access to that command so I have no idea what to do.

My username is 'uhdeaf' and my friend's username is 'Mitzii'


Thank you!

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Make sure the server is offline and you guys are using 1.16.4. Because all minehut servers are on 1.16.4. 

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Hello sir, please send us a screen shot of you 'apearance' page on your minehut server!

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