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Jimmi_newtron's staff application


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1. How old are you: 12

2. Minecraft Ign: Jimmi_newtron (yes I know its jimmy neutron that was already taken so dont blame me)

3. Discord ign: tofu?#0494

4. Do you have a working mic: no (sadly)

5. Why do you want to be moderator on PickMines: I would like to be a moderator on PickMines because i am very experienced with moderating. I played on the old servers (icequeem's diamondupe and Skislands) and have been applying since.  

6. Are you able to record and save images of hackers or rulebreakers: only videos

7. Do you have experience administrating other servers: mc.uberdl.com (owner)  patpvpnet.minehut.gg (co-owner) rlxplce.minehut.gg  (admin)    andydaking.aternos.me (mod)    beta.uberdl.com (has acting up firewall but i own it btw) admin only uberdl (owner duh)  Uberdl plugin (owner and coded with a bit of help from my father)

8. How long have you played PickMines on minehut: like 1 hour cuz it crashed then i joined on the 2nt relese and played for a bit

9. Have you been banned on PickMines: no

10. What do you have to bring to PickMines that other people that are applying don't: I will bring the nice felling of torture to hackers and cheaters rulebreakers (depends on what rule was broken) etc. 


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