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Server not working


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The server I made (on a free plan) was working fine until a few days ago, now it's really laggy. The server only loads one chunk at first and I have to go near the others to load them and then after I try that I disconnect and it said I timed out.

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Did you ever change the tick speed of your server? If so, do /gamerule randomTickSpeed 3 in console while the server is online but DO NOT join it. And make sure the command is exactly like that because it is case sensitive. After doing the command in console, you should be able to join back. 

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Alternatively, gamerules are stored in level.dat file inside of the world folder.

If setting the randomTickSpeed doesn't work via console, delete level.dat

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go support channel.


tickspeed, internet, ram, im not sure just let me know what plugins you have and what automations like in skript. best way just save the world and upload it on a new server if that is possible on minehut


im bacc

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