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So I making a sumo minigame and its almost done but the main command cant work because the arguments are not working.

This is one part of the skript.

command /sumo [<string>] [<string>] [<string>]:
    executable by: players
    usage: /sumo [<string>] [<string>] [<string>]
        if arg-1 is not "help" or "admin" or "stats" or "join" or "leave":
            make player execute "/sumo help"
        if arg-1 is "admin":
            if arg-2 is “create”:
                if player has permission “sumo.admin”:
                    if arg-3 is not set:
                        send “&3Usage&f: /sumo admin create <ArenaName>” to player
                        set {Sumo.Arena::%arg-3%} to arg-3
                        send “&fArena &3%arg-3% has been created” to player
                        send “&3You do not have permission” to player

This is the error I get.

Can't compare a text with "create" (Sumo.sk line 8: if arg-2 is "create":')


Can anybody help me fix this issue because I really just cant seem to fix it.
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Try changing the arguments from string to text. Not sure if thats the issue tho.

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