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Bars.sk - Thirst, Freezing, and Sunburn


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Hi there, this is a skript I made that adds thirst, freezing, and sunburn into Minecraft.

Here's how everything works:

NOTE: You must rejoin your server to enable the action bar levels.



Thirst periodically decreases. Replenish it by right-clicking water with your fist or drinking a water bottle.



Freezing increases when you're standing on a cold block (snow, ice, etc.). Replenish it by right-clicking with a flint and steel or drinking any stew.

Prevented by:

  • Wearing full leather armor
  • Holding a lava bucket
  • Standing near a warm block (lit furnace, campfire, fire, lava, magma block)



Sunburn increases when you're in a hot biome (badlands, beach, desert, savanna). Replenish it by drinking a honey bottle (sunblock lol).

Prevented by:

  • Wearing a gold helmet or carved pumpkin
  • Holding a gold item (other than ore)
  • Holding a cold block
  • Getting out of the sun


When the 3 levels get too low (thirst) or too high (freezing and sunburn) you will get negative effects and when it reaches 0 (thirst) or 100 (freezing and sunburn) you will slowly take damage (stops at half a heart). The tab list will show the thirst level of each player.



/bar [all/thirst/freeze/coords/reset] - Set which bar is shown. "All" displays all 3 bars.

/setthirst - Set a player's thirst.

/setfreeze - Set a player's freeze.

/setsunburn - Set a player's sunburn.

/quench - Refill a playe'rs thirst.

/reheat - Reset a player's freeze.

/cool - Reset a player's sunburn.





Edited by Dismade
I made a small error, snowy grass wasn't counted for freezing
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