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Minehut Newsletter | November Edition

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   Gobble Gobble. 🦃 Happy November everyone! We hope that everyone had a great Halloween a few days ago and hopefully got to eat some sweets! Before getting into the contents of this newsletter, we have some news to announce. I'll elaborate below.

   As many of you know, assembling newsletters is very time consuming. They also tend to get more repetitive after a while. We've tried to diversify the contents inside the Newsletter, but that didn't feel like a great fit on our end after we saw the community's reaction to some of the contests we ran. We began brainstorming new ideas, such as a podcast, and realized that we struggle creating a newsletter right now, when that's our only task. To accomplish more from us, we needed some way to maintain our current newsletter assembly schedule, yet do more at the same time. This made us come to the conclusion that we need to alternate our ideas to help keep it fresh and reduce writer burnout. This will, unfortunately, mean that there will not be a newsletter next month. You may see us involved in something else, but we will be getting a chance to rest, diversify, improve our quality, and do more than a monthly newsletter. Our current plan for the Newsletter is to do it either quarterly or have it alternate between months. If we decide to do it quarterly, we'll try to actually theme each edition to the seasons, holidays, and occasions involved in them. The schedule will completely depend on our new ideas and ability to achieve them. As a reminder, be sure to fill out the survey or leave your ideas in the comments below if you have an idea on something for us to do.

   On behalf of the Minehut Creative Team, I would like to thank you for checking out this edition. If you enjoyed, be sure to let us know. Until we meet again, mine on!

Click here for the Newsletter

Click here for the survey

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i think some of the quotes in server advice were from me, epic


oh yeah great newsletter!! it was a lot of fun to read through it this time around

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