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Staff Application v2 - ASFMatthew_

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Thanks for reading my application. I really appreciate those who helped me out on my previous application with advice and what not. I'm here applying once again to minimize my differences between this term and last. Glad to be welcomed again and overall a great season!

Minecraft In-Game Name:


Previous In-Game Names:

Discord Name and Tag (Ex: Pndq#2240):



Do you have access to a working microphone? (yes/no):

Do you have the ability to record hackers?:
I use a Mac, so I improved my preferred method since the last season.

What languages do you speak (fluently)?: 

General Details:

Why did you decide to apply for staff on PlexPvP?

       Plex has been something I've loved and hoped to see again. I never thought I'd see myself applying again considering the heartbreaking closing in early August. I'm back now, reapplying with more than what I had in my last application. My activity is on point considering Discord is a click of a button away, and Minecraft as well but more of the work. I'd like to say for myself that I've been immature in the past, and I've changed majorly and formally. Assistance, moderation, & management are attributes I've progressed immensely with and can bring with me to Plex. I tend to not get ahead of myself and to use my power effectively. To catch hackers, blatant or not, and to pursue that promise made to the community to keep them out. I hope and plan to work with Plex again and to serve the community once more!

Why should we accept you over other applicants?

        Activity on Plex for me was well around 3-4 hours a day. Unfortunately, the server closed for an update and hadn't reopened afterward. Activity on Discord for me is whenever I happen to check it. I can answer quickly and formally for anything like Support or a report.
        Another reason is because of my communal discussions. I tend to be involved with the community in conversations or discussions on a particular topic. I also like to give my share of suggestions that are either ignored or are implemented. For a more brief standpoint, the categories below will define my immediate strengths & weaknesses.
        Continuing, I also have learned lots of attributes from Plex. Plex has an outstanding moderation system which is a click of a button. Although, experience is needed I don't lack that and since then I have improved majorly on all scenarios ranging from a mute offense to a blacklisted modification ban. 

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Some of the things I've perfected are: 

Moderation: Something I've been doing for a while now, on both MC and Discord servers. 

Assistance: Assisting is something I've always found enjoying and calming. It is my preferred way of helping people out the most!

Focused: I'm coming back now with more energy and a bigger connection to the server. With this being in place, I've become more focused on rejoining and gaining that spirit I once had before. 

Honesty: From time to time I make that very immature decision of distributing things not meant to be given out. Since then, I've improved majorly on it 

Building: I haven't been doing much building lately, but I can make simple builds like a small spawn or a custom tree of some sort. 

Some of the things I'm trying to improve on are:

Developing: Development was a feature I had lacked for as long as I can remember. I did take some time this year to learn how to make a simple discord bot. It wasn't anything special, and I can say I learned to the best of my ability.

Greater connection with the community: As stated above, I believe I have a decent sense and great friendship with the major people in the community. I hope to meet new people and engage more throughout the season!

Grammar: I wouldn't say it's a major setback, but from time to time I might slip up and spell a word incorrectly. Although I would say I've improved gracefully, just not ready to call it a "strength" yet.

Too detail-oriented: I tend to get ahead of myself and go beyond what I can do. I get very annoyed at the small details that make a project less efficient. Like my grammar, this isn't much of an issue, more just of something I need to improve. 


What moderation experience do you have? Explain what you learned from these experiences:

I have been staff on many servers, including a group called "Gold". We made player voted servers like farming, idle-clicking, skyblock, & lots more!.

GoldClicks: It was an idle-clicking server with 10+ players on at a time. It wasn't the most populated server we made but I had learned a lot about my colleagues and the teachings we taught one another. We had over 200+ people in the main "Gold" group server and shared many achievements.

GoldFarms: Another "Gold" group server, based on farming. It was scripted by a friend and built by myself. We had many exploiters and unwanted visitors whom we dealt with professionally. It lasted for 7 months and had planned a 2nd season to continue.

Meteorism: This server was one of the less popular servers as it was deleted immediately after release. We had scripted, built, & furnished everything when all of a sudden Minehut's servers went down causing massive backhand corruption resulting in many servers including ours to unfortunately restart. We've practically given up after that but learned that you shouldn't put in so much effort if it won't get you anywhere.

Zoomy: Another server that hadn't been released only because of our laziness. We've constructed it 2 years ago and built a pretty decent skyblock spawn island. I was very happy with how it turned out and learned I'm not that bad at building.

PlexPVP: The biggest server I've had experience with. I served as a Mod for 2 months and learned a lot from it. It was an experience of a lifetime and was a step toward greater accomplishments. I met amazing people and worked with an outstanding team!


These are some of the many servers I had constructed and been apart of in my career. I've also built numerous amounts of custom Discord Servers, one of them with even 800+ members!

Have you ever been punished on Plex or any other Minecraft servers? If so, why were you punished and how did you learn from it?

        When I was staff, I misused permissions and did a command in the public chat. I was given a final warning and was let alone. I learned to be more mature and not abuse my permissions for any sort of joke.

What are some hobbies, activities, or achievements you have outside of Minecraft?

Some hobbies of mine are:

*Playing Football, Basketball, & Soccer.

*I like math, and some English courses.

*I've won several awards provided by my school both with a group and without.

*I enjoy hanging out with friends and family frequently! 


Situational Questions:

If the server is being botted, what would you do?

        I haven't had any personal experience in this specific scenario. What I would do though is mute the chat, and ban the bots. By mistake, if a player were to be punished they would appeal with some evidence and submit it to be reviewed.

If you get into an argument with a player, how would you try to resolve the situation? Would you come to terms with their side of the argument or would you just stop arguing?

        I'd first see if their side is more efficient than mine. If it makes more sense or the majority disagrees with my opinion, I'll side with the player's opinion. If the topic is irrelevant and dumb to even talk about I'll end it there and step aside. 

Tell us about a mistake you made in the past. What did you learn from this mistake and how did you deal with it?

        One time I had been banned on Hypixel due to hacking even though I have never actually owned or downloaded a client. When I went to go appeal, I must've worded my paragraph wrong cause the next thing I knew, the founder of Hypixel reported me to Mojang, and the following morning my account had been suspended and logged out of. I learned that I shouldn't have been overreacting since it was a 7-day ban, as I don't play much on the server.  

If a staff member’s account was hacked, what would you do?

        If I'm able to, I would kick the user off if they're below my rank. If they're above, then I'd report it to a higher staff for them to deal with it. If they needed further assistance, I'd happily help but not much work can be done by me. 

You see a player claiming he was falsely banned on another server. He begins to talk about botting Plex. How do you react? 

        In that case, I would warn him for threatening the server. It's not anything immense because he isn't doing the action at that moment but I would report him also to the other staff to keep an eye out if he continues to say it.

There is a player constantly saying bad things about the staff team, but they aren't technically breaking any rules? What do you do?

        I would ask him to stop mentioning such harsh comments. Even if I wasn't staff, I would say the same thing because that user doesn't realize the amount of work done by the team. 

A player, who claims to be friends with staff, is messaging you saying he will tell his friends that you are abusing your permissions if you punish them. What do you do in this situation?

        There's no difference if someone breaks the rules and is friends with staff, so I would give him the same punishment he was found abusing, and on the side, I would inform the staff whom he claims to be "friends" with. 

A player messages you with your personal information. He threatens to leak it if you don't un-punish them. How would you react in this situation?

        I've never been in a situation like this, but if it were to happen I would most likely get advice from another staff member. I know I shouldn't be involving a staff member in my personal life but if the situation arises it'll be dealt with on the spot. 

Anything else you would like to tell us?

Thanks for reading my application! If you're an admin or not then please make sure to give a review so I can know if somethings wrong and can be fixed! 



Bom Dia Hello GIF



IGN: ASFMatthew_ 

Discord: BamisTheTrucker#1108


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Hey! Thank you for applying for staff on PlexPvP!

We have decided to accept your application, please dm me on discord if you would like to continue with the application process.


Discord: Pndq#2240
In Game: Pndq

Joined Minehut - 9/25/16

Minehut Support Member - 10/6/19

Support Team Disbanded - 2/14/20


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