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kiWiequus's JR.MOD Application

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1. Minecraft IGN: kiWiequus

2. Timezone: IST

3. Age: 14

4. What is your discord?: justKiwi#4545

5. Do you have a working microphone? Yes

6. Are you multilingual? Yes i speak english and hindi


Gameplay Questions:


7. Are you active on our server / server socials? If so how much time do you spend each day? Yes i spend 3 - 4 hours on minehut

8. Do you plan on prioritizing this server over others, if so what made you want to? No

9. Have you ever been punished on previous servers? If so state the punishment + reason. No i haven't been punished on any servers

10. What made you want to apply for Medals? I felt like minehut is the best free server host and i decided to help minehut out a little bit and make it better

11. What do you want to achieve as a member of staff? I want to achieve as a great person on the staff team and and make the server a little more hacker-free

12. How is your general knowledge of the server? Good

13. Do you have any prior experience in moderation? if so list the server and give a brief description.Yeah i have been staff on many servers other than minehut and i have like 5 years of minecraft experience in minecraft and moderating,and i know many things about minehut and minecraft.




14. You are being told that you aren't a good fit to the staff team by the community, what would you do? I would agree and i wouldn't have any problem

15. An argument is breaking out in chat, how would you help the situation? I would ask them to calm down and tell them to work it out

16. You find another staff member abusing their permissions, what would you do? I would immediately report to the admins or any other moderators.

17. You and another staff member don't get along, how would you resolve this? I wouldn't have any problem and i'll work it out with him

18. A player finds away to flood chat, what punishment should they receive? They should be muted for 1 day and if they spam the chat multiple times they get a higher duration of the mute

19. A player is directing racial slurs and death threats towards another player, how would you punish them? I would mute them or either calm him down and make him stop.

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