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Fun SMP(ish) server! (Inspired by Hermitcraft)

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Fun survival server to play with your friends! The ip for this server is: Peralcraft.minehut.gg (I know it is spelled wrong but "Pearlcraft" was taken, Sorry!) 



- No hacking.

- No advertising your server and/or custom items or other special things.

- No scamming other players.

- No swearing.


Consequences for breaking these rules:

- Hacking is a 1 day ban if your hacks aren't destructive or hurtful to others. If it is that is a 3 day ban instead.

- Advertising is 1 warning, 2 more warnings is a 1 day ban.

- Scamming others is a 2 day ban.

- Swearing will be a 1 warning 2 more warnings is a 2 day ban. 

- Begging for a rank and/or items or currency is a 1 day ban.



Features of the server:

- Many ranks including VIP MVP LEGEND GOD and VETERAN.

Well setup application for YouTube rank and staff ranks including Helper and Moderator.



Hope you enjoy the server and I will see you soon! Goodbye!

(There are some bugs with some of the features, so if you experience something like that report it to me.)

(Thanks for reading this it took me a long time to type and think of so thank you!)

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Was very short before so I wanted to add more to it.
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