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Personal Details:

Minecraft In-Game Name: Remainable
Previous In-Game Names: 
AliTheBoss1, xMyst_, Skripte, TastqChristmas, skVixio, Summarizable, TUTP, Remainable, unbiquitous, Acquaintanceship, MorkazSK
Discord Name and Tag (Ex: Pndq#2240): Remainable#0002
Age: 13 (Mature, hopefully you can make exceptions)
Time zone: EST/GMT-4
Do you have access to a working microphone? (yes/no): Yes
Do you have the ability to record hackers?: Yes
What languages do you speak (fluently)?: Arabic and English 

General Details:

Why did you decide to apply for staff on PlexPvP? I decided to apply on PlexPvP because I feel that I can be a great help when it comes to moderation. I've moderated on many servers in the past, and I really want to help player on PlexPVP. I feel like I have the skill and moderation experience to ensure that everyone on PlexPvP is happy. I really love PlexPvP and I've had a lot of playtime here, which is why I understand gameplay/concept of the server so I decided to help out and support the community as much as I can. Lastly, I want this to be my chance to show how good and helpful I can be when it comes to moderation and staffing. In addition, I have become more mature over the months. I hope I could really make an impact while my time here on PlexPVP.

Why should we accept you over other applicants? You should accept me over other applicants due to all the experience I've had in the past and how I can use it here and improve my skills and understanding even more. I tend to support the community and moderate to my extent so I can make sure no one is breaking any of the rules and I will follow the correct punishment guidelines given to ensure the punishments I give are appropriate to a certain situation. [if there are punishment-guidelines]
What are your strengths and weaknesses? I have high self-esteem and I am very kind, I've had tons of past moderation experience and as explained up above I will use it to my full extent to ensure everyone is following the rules and being respectful to the overall community also I have a lot of free time and I'd really like to spend most of it on here. Some weaknesses that I can't deal with when I get ganged up on, what I mean is that when 4-5 people believe I did something wrong, I can't handle the stress they've put on me. This is why I always like to have another mod or staff online to support my decisions, and I did do something wrong, correct it so I don't do the same mistake next time.

What moderation experience do you have? Explain what you learned from these experiences:
I have been staff on many servers in the past. I've recently took a break from Minecraft / Minehut. I'm back now, better than ever! As of now, I'm staff on my own server named Traits, and another server named OreoGens (2 months). They both have taught me a lot about moderation in general. I've learned to always treat people the way they want to be treated. To listen to everyone's opinions, and make sure everyone gets their way. I know have a bad reputation sometimes on PlexPVP, but I swear to change it. I'm sorry for acting up, I was quite not mature. I hope my recent experience with the PlexPVP community will change this. I hope my experience will be enough to help others and make a impact in this community.
Have you ever been punished on Plex or any other Minecraft servers? If so, why were you punished and how did you learn from it?

PlexPvP: Banned 5 times for unspecified [Not sure why I was banned 5 times for unspecified] Banned for 7 days then unbanned 5 or 4 days in [Abusing Bugs]. I have learned from this because, when I was banned yes I was upset but I’ve learned to listen to staff members and my superiors, and make sure I don’t break any rules again. Minehut [back in 2016]: Muted for spam encouragement [I've really learned not to do this again, this was very immature in my side and I've learned from my mistakes] Otherwise, I've been banned recently from the PlexPVP discord for DM Advertisment. I have learned from this because, before I really didn't understand that DM Advertisment was against the rules, and I have worked my way to not do it again.

What are some hobbies, activities or achievements you have outside of Minecraft? I enjoy playing football (soccer) and it's one of my hobbies to always help people out. If I see anyone in need I just can't resist helping them, as that's my personality. I love helping and its what makes me who I am today. I also try to make sure everyone has high spirits.

Situational Questions:

If the server is being botted, what would you do? If the server was being botted I would mute the chat and ban all the bots who spammed in chat, if they didn't spam I would look at the spawn and see the new players that joined and aren't moving, and or try other methods to get all the bots off the server.

When was a time you got into a disagreement with somebody? If you came to an agreement, how did you get there? If you didn't, why didn't you? One time I got into a disagreement was really recently. It was between me and this guy, he wanted me to help him with something and I gladly said yes as that's what I do. He started saying that I was not doing well even though he was pushing me too hard. He started yelling, then I told him I don't want to get into an argument so please just give me what you promised then I'll leave you alone.
Tell us about a mistake you made in the past. What did you learn from this mistake and how did you deal with it? Some mistakes that I have made in the past have been when Minehut reset. I was really mad that all my hard work was reset and completely removed from Minehut. So I said F in the lobby and everyone copied me, and after that, I was muted for Spam Encouragement. After that, I promised my self that I will never do such a thing again. Another mistake I have made is with my old friend, we were playing then he got toxic and I leaked his biggest secret that he was underage. I promised that I was not going to leak it because I didn't like leaking information. But I got so caught up that I did it without noticing. I apologized to him then told everyone it was a joke. But I guess that I am telling you now that's kinda doing what I did back then, but oh well I guess what I have done I have done. He's moved on in life anyways.
If a staff member's account was hacked, what would you do? If a staff member's account was hacked I would get evidence and immediately report it to a senior, but If I have permissions I will do whatever I can to make sure the situation doesn't get out of hand.


You see a player claiming he was false banned on another server. He begins to talk about botting Plex. How do you react?: If I see someone claiming to be false banned on another server, and says he or she would be claiming to bot Plex. First, I would report this situation to a higher up. Second, I would try to calm down the person, and tell them there is no reason to bot PlexPVP, and they would be banned from the server if they do. Otherwise, I would read the staff guidelines, and figure out what to do there.

There is a player constantly saying bad things about the staff team, but they aren't technically breaking any rules? What do you do?: Well if I would see a person who was saying bad things about the staff team, I would try to tell them to stop, and be kind to everyone around them. They should always treat others how they wanted to be treated. If they continued on, and kept being rude or curse at the staff team I would report it to a Senior member for them to deal with it. If they use any kind word that would break a rule, I would mute, or kick them accordingly.

A player, who claims to be friends with staff, is messaging you saying he will tell his friends that you are abusing your permissions if you punish them. What do you do in this situation?: Well, this wouldn't stop me from doing my job. I would just ignore the person and warn, kick, ban, or mute them anyways. No one gets a specific treatment because they are friends with staff. If they do message a staff member about it hopefully that staff member will tell them the same thing. I would always follow the staff rules, and never give anyone special treatment.

A player messages you with your personal information. He threatens to leak it if you don't un-punish them. How would you react in this situation?:  Well if someone threatens me with my personal information I would report it to a higher up, and tell them they could be punished further for leaking any personal information. If they actually have my personal information it could lead to further consequences as a mute or even worse. Hopefully this person would learn there lesson after this.

Anything else you would like to tell us? Nothing at all, just have a great rest of your day and I hope that I can help everyone on the server as much as I can. I really hope I can make an impact on PlexPVP.

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Hey! Thank you for applying for staff on PlexPvP!

Sadly, we are going to deny your application. If you would like to know why, please make a ticket in #tickets in our discord.

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Discord: Pndq#2240
In Game: Pndq

Joined Minehut - 9/25/16

Minehut Support Member - 10/6/19

Support Team Disbanded - 2/14/20


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