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i made an smp with some friends! lmk if you want in! just don't be a weirdo

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okay first off i agree with you idk what my username is i don't even remember making a forum account but yk what i made it and i am proud of my past self for not being lazy. but whatis a kkkkijoihiub. alr anyways so basically i made a minehut 10 person server for a minecraft survival world, i kinda want it to last long! its a free server so it may not be the best, but we are pretty active from what i see! 


preferably be 16+ but not too old like 21 or higher please

maybe some NA/US ppl as well? we have some EU ppl here tho! 

and don't be weirdchamp, u will be kicked probably


just hmu on discord if interested! discord: randwack#0542 (lowercase r!)


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