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Stop Players from entering commands when in combat.


I am currently using combatlogx which is built to actually to stop people using commands as said in the actual minehut video showcase. However, the problem is that this is in fact not done in the config but instead combatlogx has mini addons called expansions and one of them is called Cheat Prevention which stops players from entering commands like for example /spawn, /home, or /tpask while in combat (it can stop whatever though.) But minehut doesn't include these expansions and I can't add them myself as I can't add a .jar file. I have already seen multiple past posts of people asking for the addition of expansions but a lot of them weren't truly answered. So is there a way of adding an expansion like Cheat Prevention and or possibly a way to make the player have to stand still and not take damage for a certain amount of seconds to be teleported and or any other way I can go about stopping players from doing something like /spawn mid combat.

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