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else running when the skript is successful

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command /kit <text>:
           description: Get a Kit
           permission: getkit
           executable by: players
                      world is "ul_KitPVP":
                                 if arg 1 is "default":
                                            give player 1 wooden sword
                                            equip player with all leather armor
                                            message "&4You have equipped the Default kit"         
                                 else if arg 1 is "Cop":
                                            player has permission "kit.cop"
                                            equip player with all leather armor
                                            dye player's helmet blue
                                            dye player's chestplate blue
                                            dye player's leggings blue
                                            dye player's boots blue
                                            message "&4You have equipped the &1Cop&4 kit" 
                                            message "&4You don't have the &1Cop&4 kit"
                                            message "&4The Kit %argument% isn't a kit"
                                 message "&4You are not in the KitPVP world"

When I type /kit Cop, it shows the You have equipped the Cop kit and You don't have the Cop kit(if you have the permission) and gives you the kit. If you don't have the permission, it does nothing. Adding stop after the You have equipped the Cop kit message stops it from showing both messages, but it won't send the You don't have the cop kit message if you don't have the permission

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