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Plugin Request - (Plugin Hide)


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It would be really awesome to have Plugin Hide as it allows us to hide all our custom commands made by skript that are never intended for players to see. This also allows us to really clean up and customize what tab completed commands are shown. Its really cool and I'd love to see this be added.


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4 hours ago, Wubbaman said:

u can just download commanddoesnotexist 


That doesn't hide the commands from the tab completion... If you type / and then hit tab, all the registered server commands show up. CommandDoesNotExist only allows you to block commands in a blacklist form, so I would have to add every single command but the select few that I want players to see in the TAB complete. In Pluin Hide, I can do it in a whitelist and only have to add ones I want them to see and the rest are automatically hidden.

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CommandDoesNotExist only blocks the use of the listed commands, not hide them.

Edit: I want to say that just because the plugin claims do block TAB completion, the method of configuring as a user is really bad and inefficient. I think it should replace 
CommandDoesNotExist because Plugin Hide even allows for Per Command Error messages upon trying to use a command that is blocked.

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2 hours ago, goin2kilu said:

this imposter is sus


Hi goin2killu,

Please avoid replying to posts that haven't been responded to in over a month if your reply isn't going to be helpful/related to the post.


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