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Staff Chat | Communicate with your staff!

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Staff Chat (Skript)

Using this script,

You are able to communicate with

your staff without the normal players

knowing. It can be toggled by

Simply typing /sc or /staffchat

 The permission to access

and see the staff chat is simply just

"staff". The commands for it is

either /staffchat or /sc. This script

also has a bonus feature.

By adding @ at the start of you message,

The message will be sent to staff chat instead.






Script (32 lines)

	server: &3[Server]&7
	no-perm: &cYou lack of permission.
	usage: &3&lUSAGE &8|

command /sc [<text>]:
	permission: staff
	permission message: "{@no-perm}"
		if arg-1 is set:
			send "&3&L(STAFF-CHAT) &f%player's display name% &8| &f%arg-1%" to all players where [input has permission "staff"]
			if {staff.chat::%player's uuid%} is not set:
				set {staff.chat::%player's uuid%} to true
				send "&3&L(STAFF-CHAT) &7Staff chat &aenabled&7."
				delete {staff.chat::%player's uuid%}
				send "&3&L(STAFF-CHAT) &7Staff chat &cdisabled&7."

on chat:
	if {staff.chat::%player's uuid%} is set:
		cancel event
		send "&3&L(STAFF-CHAT) &f%player's display name% &8| &f%message%" to all players where [input has permission "staff"]

on chat:
	set {_m} to uncolored message
	set {_mes::*} to {_m} split at ""
	if {_mes::1} is "@":
		cancel event
		replace all "@" with "" in message
		execute player command "/sc %message%"


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