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Grandturtle454's application v2


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Personal Questions:

Minecraft Username: GrandTurtle454

Are you multilingual? Yes, I speak Norwegian, English and currently learning german

Discord Username: GrandTurtle454#9472

Age: 15 1/2

Timezone: GMT +1



Application Questions:

Why do you want to apply for staff on Lift?

-I like the server a lot, and I want to help out with catching hackers, autoclikcers, etc. And at least when I'm playing, there is never any staff online. I also read in chat that other people complain about the staff and that they aren't active enough, so I can help out with that.

How much time can you contribute to being a staff member on Lift?

-I play a lot. So I can probably play about 7-8 hours every day, more on weekends/vacations and maybe a bit less if there is anything special I have to do.

Have you been staff on any servers?

-Yes 1 server on minehut, but multiple servers on a different ps hosting server.

How much experience do you have as a staff member?

-I have a bit, not too much but I am willing and wanting to learn more.

Are you currently staff on any other servers?

-No, I am not.

Have you broken any rules on the Lift Discord or Minecraft server?

-No, I haven't, and I'm not planning to do so.

Situation Questions -

You banned someone for hacking, the community is outraged. How would you deal with the outrage?

-I would show proof. If they don't calm down or believe it, I would try to explain that it was the right thing to do and get any witnesses to back me up if there were any.

Explain a situation where you might have to act mature and professional while being staff on Lift.

If the community is calling me a bad staff member.

I am sorry if there are any spelling errors or grammatical errors, English is not my mother tongue.

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Application Denied
We have decided to deny your application due to the following reasons:
1. Extreme lack of grammar, many sentences didn't have the correct punctuation, and there was a very small range of vocabulary used.
2. Extreme lack of detail throughout the whole application.
3. Your situation answers don't fully answer the question, it starts off answering the question but we would like to see more detail in them. Such as how you would react after they called you a "bad staff member", how would you act mature in that situation.

I understand from your final comment that you're not great with grammar and spelling. I recommend using an app called grammar in the future to help you with this. If you had included more detail, I may of let the grammar slide and still accept you. But sadly along side that grammar you failed to include enough detail. Although we do thank you for applying, and appreciate everyone who spends their time to write an application.

You are allowed to apply again in 4 weeks.
Thank you.

Joined in 2016,
VIP since 8th January 2018.

Contact me on discord ItzOP#2020


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