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4 hours ago, Resides said:

If you happened to learn the answer to that question, various political figures will be in outrage.

How do I remake Minehut Warzone?

You can download call of duty warzone here

How do I apply for youtube rank?

First Join: October 21st, 2017
VIPNovember 11th, 2017
PRO: August 29th, 2018
VIP Again: December 3rd, 2018
Legend: Not achieved yet.


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Get sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends 


How do i become Jr Dev

Twitch Affiliate, YouTuber and Minehut Content Creator

(700+ Followers)

[YOUTUBE] Centrect

 Please don't DM me for support, go here or join Minehut's Discord if you need assistance.

I do stuff on:
ArUwU [Game Multiverse] 

I used to do stuff on:

PKTag [Events] Owner
Drip [Box PVP] Moderator
Evara [Prisons] Senior Moderator (Recruitment Lead)
Multiples Revamped [Skymining]
Senior Moderator (Events Manager)
Colored [MH Event]


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9 hours ago, blocksnmore said:

Go ahead and go to codeacademy and click java basics

How do i link minehut to google drive for backing up my server

Basicly you have to soak ur computer or pc in petrol for 48 hours then u get a match and yeet it on there once of fire u yeet it off the big ben in london and it should auto do it

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