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Username: BEFORE: LORDZAROTH | NOW: ROXH | EDIT: My name now is DogeGMS, but I think I joined warzone with _Grunk or A0C

What punishment did you receive: KA/Client Modification

Was the punishment fair: Yes

Why should you be unpunished: Since my last appeal, Unburnable told me to wait around 1-2 months, since it was only around 2 months that I actually got banned. So, I don't know the exact date but I'm hoping this time you would take my appeal into consideration. I don't play much on minehut now, but I play on lunar. This time I would record every single fight, with cps and keystrokes mod on so if I do get punished or some sort, I have some proof to back it up.

What were the events that led to your punishment: I don't remember, but it was a ship map, I was going up a ladder than I was banned for KA/Client Modification.

Additional comments: None

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