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Minehut Community Support Team

Within this post, you will find all relevant information regarding the community Support team. Please read over this entire post before applying.

Applications will be remaining open for the foreseeable future, this means they will not close unless we have to rework our process.

What is the Support Team?

If you were to become apart of the Support Team, you will have a number of responsibilities. We ensure that all our Support members are active on our platforms, specifically Forums and Discord. The Support teams way of communication is through a Discord server, so if you wish to become apart of the team we highly recommend you are a member of our Discord for a week and have experience working with our help tag system, as well as how our Discord works. You can join our Discord here.

In addition to being active, becoming apart of Support brings along a numerous amount of other jobs, these include;

  • Creating and Publishing Community FAQs.
  • Helping users with a range of scenarios.
  • Communicating with Senior Support about common issues users have.
  • Help maintain and manage our tags.

Requirements for Support

  • We require all applications to be aged 14 or older.
  • You must have a working, audible microphone/headset. 
  • Be active on Discord & Forums.
  • Have no major punishments within the past 30 days.

What is the recruitment process for Support?

We have reworked the system we used to use for Support and believe that it is up to par with what it should be and will be very helpful in filtering through applicants. 

NOTE: If accepted, the status of your application is confidential between yourself and Senior Support members. Don't share the status of your application until you're either on the team, or have been denied. 

Your first step in becoming Support is writing a Support application. We recently moved our applications to here, on forums, so you can find the application here. We strongly recommend that you take your time in writing this application, they will not be closing so you can take your time with writing it. 

If, once looking over your application and your current activity believe that you're suitable for the role, we will then contact you and invite you into a private Discord where we will be going through an Interview with you. This does require you to have a working, audible microphone. In the interview, we will be going over a few scenarios users may experience, any concerns we had about your application and your activity. If your interview goes well, we will then acknowledge you as a member of the Support team.

Ready To Apply? Check here.

hey! you'll see me around the forums, but mainly on Discord.

uhhh idk what to put here and honestly i have no idea why you're reading this



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