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Quick Info:

Server Name: TIMH (Trouble in Minehut)

Server IP: timh.minehut.gg

Server Discord: https://discord.gg/ZbwdUM2

Server Owner: Team Empire

Happy Friday! This week’s Featured Server, TIMH (Trouble in Minehut), is a server based off of the popular Garry's Mod Gamemode TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town).

The game works like this:

Once in-game, players are given one of three roles: innocent, detective, or traitor. Innocents must work with the detective to find and kill all of the traitors, while the traitors try to wipe out the other team.

But heres the catch: the traitors are hidden amongst the innocents! Lucky for you, theres a machine called the Traitor Tester! Have your suspected traitors enter the machine and press the button. After 3 seconds, if the machine lights up, the player is a traitor. If not, they're an innocent.

The game also features a karma system that either punishes or rewards you for killing another player. If a traitor kills an innocent, or vice versa, they will be rewarded with a small amount of karma. However, if an innocent kills an innocent, they will lose a large amount of karma. This system serves to prevent rdming, or random deathmatch-ing.

Traitors also have access to several special mechanics such as traitor chat (/tc) and the traitor shop (/ts). The shop sells special weapons and items to the traitors to help them win the game. The perks can be bought with kill points, which are awarded when the traitor kills an innocent.

When a player dies in the game, they will leave behind a corpse that players can investigate. Upon clicking the corpse, the role of the person will be revealed. This can be used to help the innocents figure out who the traitors are and where they were.

Try the game out for yourself! Hop into the server (/join TIMH or timh.minehut.gg) and join the queue! (You can also auto queue by using /q auto)

Oh, one last thing. TIMH is hosting an event next weekend on July 20th! Find event details here to join in on the fun.


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Love playing on this server, amazing skript and builds, 100% recommend it!

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hey! you'll see me around the forums, but mainly on Discord.

uhhh idk what to put here and honestly i have no idea why you're reading this



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