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[OFFERING] Server help for very good prices, Very very low


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 have been skripting for more then 3 years so far. I am very good with certain scripts, but some I just don't seem to be able to get. Most scripts you will ask for I will know. I would love to put it on a low price. It of course depends on how long the skript is. If you want something like, custom join message, Its gonna be free. Its 4 lines. Right now you can really only contact me through my email, but soon I will be able to get back onto my discord. I also work with minehut scripts and more. I do not script plugins unless you ask for alot. It takes alot of my time and I don't want to do that with small offers.
[offers] Carson.Astor@gmail.
<!> I can negotiate prices <!>
Free | simple 1-5 ranks with prefixes and permissions
$1 | 10 ranks with custom prefixes, titles, and permissions
[1] FREE | simple scripts
[2] FREE | script revisions
[3] $1-$5 | Big scripts
[4] $2-$8 | Full plugin server |'
[5] $5-$15 | Full script server
[6] $15 Full Bundle of my custom scripts
[7] Free-$5 | Discord server WIth BOT
[8] $20 | 800 credits + script Bundle + free 1 week lessons for scripting
[9] $35 800 credits + Script Bundle + 1 mo free lessons + plugin bundle + 1 free month of MH20
[10] [9] + another 800 credits + another free month of lessons.
[11] $20-$50 | Custom Plugin [N/A]
I use paypal, and you will need to sign something if you are giving me more then $15. This will ensure that you will pay and I will do what you need.
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⭢ Founder Of Website 

The Website is men't to help you with all the skript you need to start your server. Soon we will have tutorials on how to use certain things, but for now you should go to Minehut.xyz for tutorials. Again, The Website is men't for skript help and skript requests.

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