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Muted for 4 months??? Part 3


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Still muted even after appeal... wow. And yet minehut staff don't bat an eyelid at the dozens of servers which are only placeholders for external servers... Oh and also can you not let jr.mods mute every lobby for hours at a time because they are too incompetent to mute a few bots. Nice one minehut staff you're really doing a great job!

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Well I will tell you staff do suspend servers that advertise for externals, but you must understand mods can't just do that there is only 1 person or a few in-charge of suspensions, so mods report them and then they are dealt with its not instant and its not public. The Jr.Mods are muting the lobbies because of bot attacks here lets look at it from the perspective of the mod:2020-05-21_18_50_30.thumb.png.581cd17178bbbf2a0294ffc312f8ce2c.png

This is what a typical bot attack loos kike with a ton of random nonsense names you. for EACH one you need to type "/ban name forever bot" and doing that for sometimes 30+ accounts while the lobby looks like this:


Full of spam and stuff you can't do both at the same time its not possible. Plus the reason they don't unmute it is because many times in the past the botters attack again and again, staff are not going to sit in the lobby for hours punishing players and muting spammers. If people would stop botting and feeling entitled to advertise spam the lobbies wouldn't be muted.

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