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THE LOBBY WEEKLY - Your most reliable news source


At the beginning of the week, there was a very common trend; the Trent Tower. Trent would be sitting AFK in the lobby so innocently  and players with ranks, and even staff members, would stand on top of him to form a tower. The Trent Tower occured multiple times on some days, most commonly between Monday to Wednesday. I wonder if Trent is aware of what happens when he's away..



On Thursday or something I told everybody to join Lobby 10 to form a Trent Congo Line. Nobody listened but fortunately, Kurtis the man himself told people to gather in Lobby 10. After a few long minutes of hopeless crowding, the Minehut Lobby finally formed a decent line and I took this screenshot.



Last of all in this week's The Lobby Weekly, Moderator CyberRyan held a snowball fight in the lobby. The snowballs were stored in chests (seen on the far right). Everybody had a blast.

And that wraps up this week's The Lobby Weekly, your most reliable news source. You probably won't see one next week or the week after because I'm hopeless at keeping things going but either way, thanks for reading.

Hi I'm Henry, owner of multiple unsuccessful servers


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Lol, nice to see the community having fun in the lobbies.

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