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Hello, I'm looking of skript which will slow down chat


/chatslow <seconds> 

 "Chat has been slowed to {slowness} seconds"

/chatslow cancel

 "Chatslowness has been cancelled"

When a player tries to spam the chat

"Please wait {slowness} seconds before typing your message."

Thank you!

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command /chatslow <text>:
  permission: chatslow.set
  	if arg-1 is "cancel" or "Cancel":
  		delete {slowness}
  		broadcast "Chatslowness has been cancelled"
  		set {_i} to arg-1 parsed as an integer
  		set {slowness} to {_i}
  		broadcast "Chat has been slowed to %{slowness}% seconds"
on chat:
  if {slowness} is set:
  	if {chatslow::%player's uuid%} is not set:
  		set {chatslow::%player's uuid%} to {slowness} seconds ago 
  	if now < {chatslow::%player's uuid%}:
      cancel event
      send "Please wait %difference between now and {chatslow::%player's uuid%}% seconds before typing your message"
      set {chatslow::%player's uuid%} to now

Skript is not tested. If it gives you any errors message me on Discord Tarna256#8675. Next time request skripts in the Marketplace Category. Just made it here for you because I was bored.


[VIP] - 7/27/2020
Support - 7/08/2020
Senior Support - 8/02/2020

Helper - 11/03/2020


Great website if you need help with any plugins or answers to commonly asked questions - https://minehut.xyz/

IGN: _Tarna_
Discord: Tarna256#867

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