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Username: ItsBearty

What punishment did you receive: Ban evassion

Was the punishment fair: No

Why should you be unpunished: okay, so i should have enough proof to try and prove to you that this was NOT me. so basically, me and my friend share my known alt, known as diamondisrabbid.... I dont actually even have 100% access to  the account. So he was going to play warzone one day because he was bored, and saw that the alt was banned for ban evasion. After that, he tried a DIFFERENT ALT. I dont really remember the alts name, but that was him... He then was banned for ban evasion. I actually have pictures of both of our alt lists, and the dm he sent me after he logged onto the alt that he was trying to play on. So because he got on diamondisrabbid, you thought i was ban evading, but that wasnt the case. Also, because he was on the alt, and logged onto HIS PERSONAL ALT, the ip's tied together and you thought i was him, making his alt get banned and making it look like i was him. 

What were the events that led to your punishment: Casual logged on and was banned on both accounts. 

Additional comments: If this appeal was accepted, you can go to my hacking ban appeal for the hacking part. Also, if you want to unban casual, his ign is casualmodz and he would probably want to get unbanned as well




casual's dm to me after: Screenshot_20200705-174121.png 




my alts and his alts: 2020-07-05_16.42.12.png

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