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15 minutes ago, HonzaBoss9 said:

I NEED datapack in my server but I can't upload it! because I can't upload folder and .zip is not working too! Please help me how to upload a datapack.....

thank you

How are you trying to upload the zip


In advance try this:

  1. Download the data pack. It should be a .zip file or directory.
  2. Open your server folder, then open the folder of the world you wish to install the datapack in (default: world).
  3. Create and put the data pack into a folder named datapacks into the world folder
  4. Restart the server
  5. If the data pack has a correct format, it would be enabled on the server. You can verify by typing /datapack list enabled from the consolend find an entry named [file/your data pack file/directory name].

Also in the future if you need help with anything please put it into the help discussion and it will be answered much faster

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You cannot upload zip files, other than worlds, onto the file manager. To upload datapacks, do the following

To upload a custom datapack to your server, follow the steps below:
- Visit your Minehut Dashboard and navigate to the "File Manager" tab.
- Find the folder named "world" and open it.
- Select and open the "datapacks" folder.
- Create a folder and name it as you wish and upload your datapacks files within. The datapack cannot be a .ZIP or .RAR file, you need to upload the datapack content files individually as Minehut does not allow ZIP/RAR uploading.

Also you should use the Help Category to ask questions next time.

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