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why i kinda hate mh


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Minehut was always good for a while, I was having fun and roleplaying with friends, Then they decide to roll out the 12 plugin limit, Most of my servers were ruined, They all had alot of plugins to help them work but then since that update ive been having to squeeze in plugins that i need, I can barely get essentials, On the free plan There is that limit of 12 plugins i mentioned, I dont really spend money on minehut, I thought id be able to use minehut to have fun with my friends for free but that was ruined with this update,




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If you use skript a good service to use for script's that may help replace some plugins is here: https://skriptify.xyz/scripts


Otherwise, I'm sorry to hear this. Good luck!

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Hello, I'm Eliza or also known as ReportCards, I create servers and make Discord bots

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