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Readtimeoutexecption: null



I was playing with my friends on the server and I got disconnected saying “timed out” then I couldn’t join my friends server it would just say “readtimeoutexception: null also for some reason when I look at the server list it says there are 2 people on the server and the server doesn’t pop up on the server list either on The minehut website

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Sometimes, more then frequently now. This has been happening a lot. If your friends make the server visible, spam clicking the sign / icon usually tends to eventually allow you to connect.

- If you don't want other players joining. Just enable a whitelist and add the users you want on the server using /whitelist add usernamehere


- Activating a whitelist is /whitelist on

- Disabling a whitelist is /whitelist off

- Removing a user from a whitelist is /whitelist remove usernamehere


Hopefully this helps.

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